Best Hybrid Bikes Review

Tommaso la forma hybrid

Tomaso La Forma hybrid Not so long ago, hybrid bikes were largely defined as a mix between a road and mountain bikes;  machines with flat handlebars, user-friendly gears and brakes, larger/faster wheels and the lighter, close-coupled frames of road bikes. Today, however, a hybrid is quite likely to include elements that used to belong to “city […]

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Best Hybrid Bikes Guide

Cannondale CX3

Best Hybrid Bikes Guide: Everything You Need to KnowEven the best hybrid bikes have one thing in common with the least expensive – they are all compromises. The way you balance those compromises is the key to selecting the machine that will be best for you. A hybrid bike is just that – a hybrid, a mixture […]

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Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000?

Mongoose Tyac

Looking for the Best Mountain Bikes Under 1000? ​Here’s What 31 Reviewers Think Having finally decided to buy a new mountain bike, I set my budget at $1000 (a stressful but doable figure). Not knowing too much about the subject, I wanted to the experts to guide me, so I started searching for “best mountain […]

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Co Pilot Bike Trailer Review

Co Pilot Bike Trailer

Co Pilot Bike Trailer Gives You Back Your Active Lifestyle Got young children? Want to get back to the active lifestyle you enjoyed before the first baby arrived? Then take a look at the Co Pilot Bike Trailer, which can be an absolute life saver for the parents of young children. Or at the very least, […]

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Schwinn Folding Bike Review

Schwinn Folding Bike

​If you need an easy-riding bike that can be be folded, transported and stored more easily, then the Schwinn Loop 20 should be on your list of serious contenders. ​It will suit men, women and older children, and will handle a wide variety of body sizes and weights. As you will ​discover, it’s a bike with […]

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Huffy Panama Jack Cruiser Review:

Panama Jack Men's Cruiser

​A Huffy Panama Jack Cruiser offers a return to the basics of cycling, where enjoyment and comfort are more likely to head of list of priorities, rather than speed or performance – all at the lowest possible cost.​Huffy cruiser ​​bikes are all about comfort, about relaxed riding and fun in the sun, about attractive frame […]

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Mountain Biking Safety: The Lighter Side…

Most sensible cyclists know that mountain biking safety is something that has to be taken seriously; you need to be alert, even when you’re out for a day’s relaxation.   But life has a way of dishing up the occasional unexpected danger – particularly when animals are involved. While there have been some nasty incidents involving wildlife, […]

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