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Bike Sharing in China: Huge Numbers Abandoned

​There are estimated to be at least a billion bicycles in the world. Every year manufacturers add another 100 million to the total. China ​makes more than ​50% of those new bikes – but right now it is finding that a ​​huge bike sector can be something of a mixed blessing. ​The problem is ​the country’s bike-sharing boom, […]


Fixed Gear Bikes: Old-fashioned machines that are hot right now!

Feel like being a little bit retro – and right up to date at the same time?  Then how about riding a “fixie”  (also known as fixed gear bikes) – old-fashioned but up-to-date machines that are also quite practical and have something of a cult following? Fixies offer an entertaining mixture of really old technology, really […]


Mountain Biking Safety: The Lighter Side…

Most sensible cyclists know that mountain biking safety is something that has to be taken seriously; you need to be alert, even when you’re out for a day’s relaxation.   But life has a way of dishing up the occasional unexpected danger – particularly when animals are involved. While there have been some nasty incidents involving wildlife, […]