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Urban Riders Love World’s First Bike Escalator

If Only All Hills Were Equipped With These! If there is anything ​urban riders hate more than going up steep hills, it is going up two steep hills!Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city, has a solution for this problem – a bicycle lift that was inspired by ski lift technology. Trondheim’s old town center is on […]


Urban Bikes: Cycling Template for the World’s Cities?

​Urban Bikes: Cycling Template for the World’s Cities?​Groningen – where the bicycle rules!​Groningen’s ​wonderful cycle-friendly centre – where bicycles rule​If you’re a city cyclist, it sounds like Utopia.More than 60% of all trips in the city are made by bicycle; the figure rises to 70% for trips to educational institutions.There are  already 10000 parking slots […]


Bicycles Dominate Traffic in Netherlands

Safe Urban Cycling: Should Holland be the Model for Bicycles?The BBC recently took a look at the dominance of the bicycle in the Netherlands – where there are more bicycles than people, and some 70% of the journeys those people make are by bike. The broadcaster’s Hague correspondent, Anna Holligan, took a look at just why […]